IntelliGuard Systems adds flash storage to RAVENAlert

There have been some high profile and tragic shootings on college campuses and many schools are taking to technology to alert students when there are emergency issues. Some campuses are using a system called RAVENAlert from IntelliGuard Systems to warn people when emergencies arise.

The RAVENAlert system is a small device that can be hooked to a bag or to a key ring that looks like a flash drive, it's actually wirelessly connected device with an LCD screen that the school can use to send messages out to students and faculty. The system can warn all connected devices at one time within 20 seconds.

The company that makes the RAVENAlert device has announced that it has now crammed a flash drive inside the device to make it more useful to users. Inside the alert device is now a 4GB flash drive. The device also has a digital clock and uses a rechargeable battery. The small portable screen works with wall units for classrooms and large LED display for common areas.