Intela Voice Dimmer Responds To Voice

Trae McNeely - Dec 10, 2006
Intela Voice Dimmer Responds To Voice

Remember the Clap On device that required you to simply clap and the lights or another device would power on or go off? Well, it gets even easier with Intela’s Voice Dimmer. It’s a simple device that does its job. The voice dimmer uses simple voice commands to turn on your Christmas tree or any device that is connected to the voice dimmer socket.

Don’t worry you can record custom phrases and it will respond to them. I wouldn’t advise you record, “Merry Christmas” or “Seasons Greetings” as your phrase because your device would power on and off countless times. Thinking of something creative like “Slashgear” as your phrase or pre-determined word and your device will be more than happy to power on or shut off.

The Intela Voice Dimmer is a small and non-intrusive so other outlets remain available. It doesn’t come in another color but it should match your wall color. The high quality voice activation sensor promises not to be a problem in a room full of your guests so it shouldn’t be a nuisance either. How embarrassing would that be if your tree, lamp, or lights flicker on and off based on various sounds? Functions are not limited to on and off, you can also dim lights so it’s good for creating different settings.

Price: $19.95

Intela Voice Dimmer

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