Intel Xe graphics card hardware, Graphics Command Center aim for NVIDIA, AMD

Graphics card sales have long been dominated by two companies – but that might well be about to change. Intel held an inaugural event for its new program called The Odyssey at GDC 2019 this week. This program is made to connect Intel with enthusiast users – gamers particularly, but other high-end hardware buyers, too. They got the opportunity to see the first Intel graphics card in a very brief set of slides.

Images of the graphics card come from TechRadar via reporting and photography from Nick Pino. Images don't likely show the final design of the card, only that of the current state of the card's aesthetics – which might be completely different by the time they're released. Intel designer and artist Christiano Siquera suggested that there are at least 10 designs for Intel GPUs at the moment – so we'll probably see something quite different from this by the time Intel's ready to release cards.

The Odyssey is separate from the graphics card, but the graphics card isn't separate from The Odyssey. The Odyssey is a group, a brand under which Intel engages with and listens to "the enthusiast community." Users can choose to join the Odyssey if they do so wish. Don't blame me, though, if you find yourself picked up in the dead of night by shadow people after you've joined this clandestine team!

Part of the reveal of Intel's graphics initiatives as they are at this point in history, Intel showed off Intel Graphics Command Center. This is an application akin to graphics applications like NVIDIA GeForce Experience or AMD Radeon Software (Adrenalin 2019 Edition as it is today).

The Intel Graphics Command Center is "built from the ground up and based on community feedback." In that, it's made to optimize and tune the user's graphics experience on devices that use Intel Graphics hardware. Users can find the software on the Microsoft Store under the title Intel Graphics Control Panel in an early iteration.