Intel to debut 32nm chip; AMD will reveal 22nm process

Intel and AMD are both set to reveal details of their latest technologies at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, which begins on December 15 in San Francisco. Their major focus will be on new chip technologies, and interestingly enough, their sizes.

Intel will talk about their 291Mb SRam memory array and how they made it in order to test their process. This utilizes high-k and metal gate technology, plus possesses a density of 0.171μm². Their 32nm processors are currently codenamed Westmere and will be released toward the end of 2009. 

However, IBM and TSMC will be there as well showing off their 32nm chips, including a 2Mb SRam chip and a 0.157μm² 32nm SRam cell, respectively. AMD and IBM will team up to display the "smallest functional SRam cell ever made," which is that 22nm thing we've been talking about that has a cell density of 0.1μm².