Intel To Build Chips For Start-Up Called Achronix Semiconductor Corp

It's rare for Intel to build chips for a start-up company and yet that is exactly what has happened with Intel agreeing to build chips for Achronix Semiconductor corporation. The deal is expected to be formally announced today with Intel and Achronix working together to build chips that are supposed to offer high performance and help boost the ability of computer applications to operate.

The chips are expected to boost applications like high-speed communications, image processing, and encryption where custom designed chips are generally used. The chips that Achronix is building with Intel are programmable and will be offered in multiple types. The part that is so rare about Intel agreeing to work with Achronix is that it is allowing the Achronix chips to be built using the latest construction processes. Typically, Intel only builds processors for other companies using its old assembly lines.

The process that will be used to build the Achronix chips is on an assembly line that Intel wasn't slated to start using until late 2011 and the line uses 22nm tech. The current process Intel is using is 32nm. Typically, Intel reserves its latest tech for its own processors that dominate the computer market. It's easy to assume that Intel is hoping to get in on the processor action that Achronix is brewing up.