Intel to add new Core i5-580M CPU this fall

Only recently have the new 2010 line of Core processor from Intel become widely available. This fact has lead to lots of machines getting updated recently like the MacBook updates. A roadmap has leaked that shows Intel is set to add a new part to the Core i5 line.

The new CPU is reportedly called the Core i5-580M and will replace the 540M in the line. The new CPU will run at 2.66GHz and needs 35W of power to operate. The CPU is also said to feature Turbo Boost technology.

The main difference between the i5-580M and the i7 part with the same clock speed is that the i7 has 4MB of L3 cache compared to the 580M's 3MB. However, the clock speed on the i7 part is expected to get a boost to 2.8GHz despite the fact that the roadmap didn't show such an upgrade. The new i5 is expected this fall.