Intel thinks Windows on ARM hardware will struggle with no legacy support

You're going to need to take this with a big chunk of salt but Intel CEO Paul Otellini has claimed that Windows on ARM processors will struggle with no legacy support. Intel and ARM are fighting heavily in the smartphone and mobile device market where ARM leads and Intel has difficulty competing. ARM is now moving in on Intel's computing market with Microsoft pledging support for Windows on ARM parts.

Otellini spent time emphasizing the big advantage of x86 architecture support when choosing between Windows 8 hardware with Intel chipsets compared to Windows RT products using ARM during an investor meeting. Otellini thinks ARM has an uphill battle to fight. The Intel CEO thinks enterprise users will want Intel hardware because existing apps will work with no issues at all.

That probably won't be the case with ARM on Windows. Otellini also takes a swipe at ARM and the company's lack of enterprise manageability options. Even though Otellini is clearly blowing Intel's horn, he certainly has a point. Corporate IT managers may worry about ARM in an enterprise setting, but consumers probably won't share the same concerns. What do you think?

[via The Verge]