Intel targeting tablets with exclusive CPU plans

Intel is finally tired of being second fiddle in the mobile CPU market for smartphones and tablets. The company is working on a line of processors for next year that are using the Medfield codename and will be aimed directly at handset applications. We first heard about the Medfield chip back in September when the roadmap leaked.

At the time, the CPU was tipped for tablets as well. Apparently, Intel is getting away from that Medfield part in tablets a bit with word surfacing from sources that Intel is instead developing a new line of chips that will be exclusively for tablets. It's not clear if the new line of chips will target CPUs with the Medfield being just for handsets or if the new line will just be a tablet exclusive while the Medfield still serves handset and tablet markets.

DigiTimes also reports that Intel is working in power consumption for its smartphone and tablet PC chips. The goal at Intel is to lower the consumption to 10W in the next two years with chips getting upgrade yearly instead of the two-year update plan. The sources also revealed in the next three years there are more chipsets coming. The chipsets include 32nm Saltwell, 22nm Silvermont, and 14nm Airmont chipsets.

[via DigiTimes]