Intel Smart Wireless Charging Bowl will arrive late this year

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 20, 2014, 6:31am CDT
Intel Smart Wireless Charging Bowl will arrive late this year

Intel‘s Smart Wireless Charging Bowl, which we first saw back at CES 2014, will be hitting shelves towards the end of this year, putting its availability date in the midst of the holiday shopping season. The news comes from the company’s CEO Brian Krzanich, who made the announcement yesterday.

The wireless charging bowl was merely a concept at the beginning of the year, but continual interest in the product spurred Intel towards making it a reality. The idea behind it is simple: the wireless charging bowl is a modern upgrade to a dish one might keep next to the door to hold car keys and such.

With more devices being offered with wireless charging, this will make it simple to charge your most common gadgets — toss your smartphone any other small item with wireless charging into the bowl when you get home and it’ll be juiced up for the next time you leave.

Alongside the announcement of the bowl’s upcoming launch was an origin story about how it came to be, with Intel’s CEO saying that company workers were talking about the hassle of including charging ports in wearables. One thing led to another, and they went to the local Walmart, bought a bowl intended for chips, and transformed it into a wireless charger.

How much the bowl will cost and when, precisely, it will launch is yet unknown.


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