Intel Skylake-U line documents leak showing streamlined product range

Intel won't be happy to see that the product roadmap for the new Skylake-U processor line has been leaked in its entirety. The three slides show off the processors that are coming and give up some details on the parts as well. The Skylake-U line is less cluttered with products than other Intel processor lines with only a handful of products in the series.

Sitting at the top of the line will be an Intel Core i7 with vPro tech model number i7-6600U running at 2.6GHz with Intel HD graphics 520, premium. The i7-6500U runs at 2.5 GHz has the same premium Intel HD 520 graphics and lacks vPro tech inside. Stepping down the range is the i5-6300U at 2.4GHz with vPro and Intel HD graphics 520, premium. The i5-6200U runs at 2.3Hz, has the same premium graphics, and lacks vPro.

The Core i3 part is the i3-6100U running at 2.3GHz with Intel HD graphics 520 premium and no vPro. Rounding out the range is the 2.1GHz 4405U with Intel 510 baseline graphics, 2.0 GHz 3955U processor with Intel HD Graphics 510 premium, and the 1.6 GHz 3855U with Intel HD 510 baseline graphics.

All of those processors have a 15W TDP. The Skylake-U range will be uncluttered with one i7, one i5, one i3, one Pentium, and a pair of Celeron parts, not counting the vPro chips mentioned. In early 2016, 28W parts with Iris graphics will hit the market.

SOURCE: Fanlesstech