Intel shows off Ultrabook Temptations video

Intel kicked off what it calls the Ultrabook Temptations experiment with six different experiments in three different countries to see what people will do to get a new ultrabook. The experiments involved placing an ultrabook on a rotating stand inside an enclosure protected by safety glass. The front of the enclosure has a safety glass hammer and words that say something to the effect of "break glass for ultrabook."

It's interesting to see people walk up and pick up the hammer, think about smashing the glass, and ultimately decide there is some sort of trick and walk away. Some people finally worked up enough nerve to smash the glass and reach in and grab the ultrabook. It's interesting that none of the experiments appear to be in the US.

Notebooks are great for people who travel a lot or work outside an office. It's not fun lugging a heavy notebook around with you all day. This is why many mobile workers are perfectly willing to give up some power and performance in exchange for thin and lightweight notebook as long as that notebook offers decent performance. Many people would be perfectly happy with the performance of an Intel ultrabook for instance.

[via UltrabookNews]