Intel show off Silverthorne-powered UMPC prototypes

If you're working up close and personal with the next-gen of gadgetry and hardware (or even the gen-after-next if you're really lucky) then the temptation must always be to blurt it out and share the joy; that's obviously what has happened to Intel, who set up their Channel Intel project last week and are already splashing out the eye-candy.  Take a look at these prototype UMPC devices, each with roughly 5-inch screens and running the KDE GUI. tasty thing about each device is the Silverthorne CPU inside.  Intel rolled out their vision of ultramobile CPUs earlier this year, with Silverthorne being a dedicated super-efficient and – above all – cheap proposition for handheld computing.  With power-sipping down to just 5-watts by 2010, Silverthorne won't be the best choice if you're looking for a mobile gaming platform or perhaps even much in the way of video, but if word-processing, email and messaging are your main priorities – together with lengthy battery life – then start saving now.Channel Intel video [via UMPC Portal]