Intel ships small 313 Series SSDs for Ultrabooks

Rue Liu - Apr 6, 2012
Intel ships small 313 Series SSDs for Ultrabooks

Intel has begun shipping its new 313 series of small-capacity SSDs that are Ultrabook-ready. They work alongside traditional hard disk drives to speed up boot times and load applications faster. Since SSDs are still quite expensive and offer less storage capacity, using smaller cache SDDs in combination with traditional HDDs is a cost effective method to get both speed and capacity into laptops.

The 313 Series SSD uses Intel’s highest grade 25nm Single Level Cell Compute NAND, which promises faster performance and longer life. They come in two sizes of 20GB and 24GB with a top read speed of 220MB/s and top write speed of 115MB/s. Both are 2.5-inch mSATA models.

The SSDs are also optimized for Ultrabooks, meeting or exceeding the Ultrabook Responsiveness Requirements. They support Intel Rapid Start Technology for an instant-on experience and Intel Smart Connect Technology that automatically syncs and refreshes your email or other content connected to the web, such as data stored in the cloud.

[via Intel]

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