Intel Ruby gets polished up

Chris Davies - Sep 27, 2006

I’m a total Tablet PC convert, so the sight of a renovated Intel Ruby prototype brings joy to my pen-loving eyes.  Ruby was a design concept by the processor firm to signpost the direction it saw its ultra-mobile, energy efficient chips heading in; a thin framed compact touchscreen tablet, the media inevitably compared it to Star Trek‘s PADD portable computers (which it kinda resembled) and then unfavourably compared the chunky first-gen UMPCs to it. 

Intel have refreshed the concept and now it sports a swivel-keyboard, integrated WiFi and WiMAX and – uniquely – can pair wirelessly with a car for navigation and mobile music.  There’s a four minute demonstration video over at CNET.

Intel Ruby

CNET [via jkontherun]


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