Intel Plans Quad-core CPU for Q4 2006

Intel has been on fire for the past couple months, starting with Woodcrest released, then Core 2 Duo (Conroe) and recently Core 2 Duo for mobile (Merom). Keeping up with its momentum Intel plans to get their Quad-core CPUs out for the holiday season by November this year. It was originally planned to be release in first quarter of 2007, the Quad-core CPU called "Kentsfield" is Intel's answer to AMD's 4x4 platform. Intel is expected to introduce Kentsfield in the Core Extreme family. The Core Extreme processors lineup is known for usage in high-end system. No pricing information available yet. So those who are not upgrading to Core 2 Duo should hold your horses if you have some cash to spend on end of the year upgrades.

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