Intel Photonics Link Brings 50Gbps Data Transfers to Reality

Yes, that says 50Gbps. But, that's not all the good news. Today, Intel unveiled their brand new module that will revolutionize, if not completely blow our minds in regard to how we transfer data, and how quickly it can be done. Sadly, and as much as we wish we could see it become one, the Photonics Link isn't quite yet a product that we can go out and install in our computers. In fact, there's no word on when this will actually see the light of day. But, it is a perfect method to show us what's coming down the pipe.

To put it as basic as possible, instead of using electrons to to carry data to one point to another, the Photonics Link actually uses lasers to get the job done. And, to make sure that it all connects with the fastest methods as possible, the usage of copper is long gone, as well. And, to give you a quick idea of what that 50Gbps data transfer actually means, you should picture yourself trying to transfer an HD movie. Usually takes awhile, right? Well, with these new laser-based speeds, it can actually take up to a second to complete the transfer.

If that's not good enough for you, you'll be happy to know that Intel wants to upscale this as much as they can. How much? Well, they believe that they can get it up to 1TBps, or 1 Terabyte per second. That's 1,000Gbps. So, basically you'll never have to wait for anything again, which makes us think: is this computing at the speed of light? Pretty close, if it actually happens.

[via Ubergizmo]