Intel outs Performance Tuning Protection Plan

If you know a geek that is into overclocking with Intel processors, take the time and check on them now. It's highly likely that upon hearing about Intel's new insurance plans they could have nerdgasm and pass out. Historically, if you overclocked the processor you picked up at retail for a roll your own gaming rig you were on your own if the processor died due to your tweaking.

Considering that overclocking often involved feeding more power to the processor than Intel intended and using exotic cooling, an early death was likely for some processors. The Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan allows the enthusiast to overclock that processor without fearing if they push too hard the only thing to do is get the wallet out and buy a new CPU.

Under the terms of the plan, the user can get one processor replacement with no questions asked from Intel customer support. This extra protection is in addition to the normal Intel 3-year warranty. A failure in normal use would fall under the normal warranty with a failure from overclocking under the tuning plan. The pricing depends on the processor you are using and ranges for $20 to $35, talk about cheap insurance. The plan is good on the following processors: Core i5-2500K, i7-2600K, i7-2700K, i7-3930L, and i7-3960X. Payments are made via PayPal directly at the Intel website.