Intel new Core i9 gaming CPU, 10nm processors teased ahead of Computex

JC Torres - May 27, 2019, 3:19 am CDT
Intel new Core i9 gaming CPU, 10nm processors teased ahead of Computex

Computex this week will most likely showcase a plethora of upcoming products that will make both consumers and manufacturers drool or dream of the future. For Intel, however, that future isn’t that far off. Later this year, it will launch two products that aim to address areas where Intel has been perceived to be lagging behind. With the 9th gen Core i9 CPU and, more importantly, the 11th gen 10nm processors, Intel wants to conquer the markets of PC gaming, big data, and AI in one swoop.

Intel may be the CPU of choice for gaming desktops but that’s usually paired with dedicated GPUs. Few use Intel’s integrated graphics chips for intensive gaming but it hopes its Ice Lake generation of 10nm chips will change that. Perhaps at least on laptops without NVIDIA or AMD Radeon chips already inside.

Intel’s 10 nm processors will be sort of a litmus test for the company’s chances of survival. It has already been delayed for so long some may have started to doubt Intel could pull off its smallest processor coming to desktops. But when it does come, the Gen11 graphics inside these 10nm chips is promised to deliver twice the gaming power of their Gen9 predecessors (yes, Intel skipped a generation).

It isn’t just for gaming, of course. Intel’s 10 nm play is aimed also at what it calls a data-centric era of computing. This isn’t just AI itself but also the big data that feeds machine learning. Intel says that this era will be defined by performance more than just core count and frequency.

That said, Intel still does have something for that more traditional way of marketing processors. Debuting sometime this year, the special edition 9th gen Intel Core i9-9900KS delivers 5 GHz of performance on all of its 8 cores when running in Turbo mode. Intel bills it as the best gaming desktop processor, paired with a good GPU, of course.

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