Intel Multi-Client Display Linking for an impromptu big-screen

Intel researchers are developing a system whereby the screens of several mobile devices could be dynamically combined to create an impromptu, much larger display.  Called Multi-Client Display Linking, the system would allow four notebooks to combine produce one large collaborative screen.

The research is part of Intel's ongoing "Carry Small, Live Large" [pdf link] initiative, which envisages mobile devices having the same processing capabilities as usually expected from desktop PCs, and which adds into that location-aware services, shared resources and wireless connectivity.  The Multi-Client display is not necessarily limited to notebooks or Tablet PCs; it could just as easily be used to show widescreen photos or video on several aligned cellphones.

Intel hope to develop a general technological standard, which would mean that devices from multiple manufacturers would be able to cooperate in this manner.  No word on when we could expect to see Multi-Client Display Linking available, however.