Intel MID video demo from IDF Beijing

Video of the Intel MID presentation held at IDF Beijing this week has

been released

, complete with prototypes of some of the devices to be powered by the latest – and future -

Atom processors

.  Intel's

press release

[PDF link] from the event covers the new devices, which include a Menlow-based clamshell smartphone.

Video after the cut

Existing MID designs were joined by a number of new devices.  Most interesting are the BYD Mars smartphone, which is a clamshell handset running XP and powered by a Menlow chipset, and the NFS MID (in the lower right-hand corner of the large group photo), which has a convertible touchscreen and a 5-row keyboard.

For an overview of the new MIDs, check out the video below.  There's also a full 45 minute video of the entire Intel keynote available to view

at their site




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