Intel MID video demo from IDF Beijing

Video of the Intel MID presentation held at IDF Beijing this week has been released, complete with prototypes of some of the devices to be powered by the latest – and future – Atom processors.  Intel's press release [PDF link] from the event covers the new devices, which include a Menlow-based clamshell smartphone.Video after the cut

Existing MID designs were joined by a number of new devices.  Most interesting are the BYD Mars smartphone, which is a clamshell handset running XP and powered by a Menlow chipset, and the NFS MID (in the lower right-hand corner of the large group photo), which has a convertible touchscreen and a 5-row keyboard.

For an overview of the new MIDs, check out the video below.  There's also a full 45 minute video of the entire Intel keynote available to view at their site.

[via UMPC Portal]