Intel launching Quad-Core Notebook Processor Q3 this year

It will be called the Core 2 Extreme QX9300 and will cost $1,038 when you buy a thousand of them. When just the processor starts at over a thousand dollars and you'll probably want SLI graphics, a nice screen, and a bunch of other stuff, you're looking at one pricey notebook.

It will be on the 45nm process and will operate at 2.53GHz. The processor will be in a P package and will have an FSB of 1066MHz.

You'll get 12MB of L2 cache and a max TDP of 45 Watts. Sure, you'll want one, but Intel says they won't become mainstream until the second half of 2009, so I wouldn't expect a price drop on notebooks with these processors in them until then, my only other advice would be that you've got 1 quarter or more left to save up if you absolutely must be on the bleeding edge.

[via Digitimes]