Intel lands CinemaNow HD streaming exclusive

It seems like every time you look up today some company or another is landing some sort of exclusive in the tech world. Intel has announced that it has landed its own exclusive, and I hope this sort of exclusive doesn't catch on. Intel and CinemaNow have announced that Intel will get exclusive access to 1080p streaming films.

The catch rules out even some Intel-powered computer owners though. Only computers that are running the new second-generation Intel Core processors on PCs with Intel insider tech will be able to view the 1080p content. Everyone else will have to live with SD content on their PC. I can only imagine how horrible it would be with streaming fans if all the tech firms started grabbing exclusives for HD content. We would end up needing an AMD machine to watch content with one service, an Intel machine for another.

CinemaNow has a large exclusive instant access library for premium films and TV shows that needs no subscription. The official reason that Intel has an exclusive for HD content according to Intel is that the Intel Insider tech in the new processors allows the content to be protected enough that CinemaNow could offer the HD content.