Intel GN40 graphics hamstrung by XP

After confirming back in March that their GN40 chipset was not intended for 1080p Blu-ray playback, Intel have now confirmed that, in choosing Windows XP, netbook manufacturers are leaving customers without some of the enhanced 3D graphics performance and hardware video decoding the graphics chipset supports.  The issue arises because the more advanced features require DirectX 10 and DXVA 2.0 (DirectX Video Acceleration 2.0) APIs, which demand Vista or above.

Contacted for comment, Intel told reporters that it was up to vendors to decide whether to install Windows XP or Vista, in accordance with their own business plans.  However the company did not deny that the GN40's more advanced functionality would be hampered by the older Microsoft OS.

Windows XP has seen a resurgence of appeal after its reduced specification demands made it a more efficient option over Vista to run on netbook hardware.  The rising interest in high-definition content, however, prompted Intel to develop an HD-capable graphics chipset in the shape of the GN40.