Intel gets official with New Atom platform

We already know that the Atom N450 and other Pine Trail netbooks are coming early next year. In fact, Asus has already offered official pics of its Eee 1005P and 1005PE netbooks set to hit early next year. Intel has gone official today with the new Atom platform making the official unveiling of the first CPU with integrated graphics in the market.

The new Atom line includes the N450 and NM10 chipset for netbooks, the D410 for desktops, and the dual-core D510 for nettops. Both the D410 and the D510 are both pared with the same NM10 chipset. The new Atom parts are the smallest chips that Intel builds and use the 45nm high-K metal gate manufacturing process.

The Pine Trail parts are smaller than ever thanks to an integrated GPU. This lets Intel reduce the number of needed chips from three to two. The N450 has 512K of L2 cache and a 7W TDP. The D410 has a 512k L2 cache and 12W TDP. The D510 has 1MB of cache and a 15W TDP. The chips all share the same 1.66GHz clock speed. In addition to an integrated GPU, the chips also all have an integrated memory controller. Pricing and availability will be offered in January.