Intel Drone Light Show Puts 100 Drones In The Air With One Controller

Intel has put together a very cool light show using 100 different drone aircraft. The feat was enough to win Intel a Guinness World Record title for putting the most unmanned aerial vehicles in the air simultaneously. These drones weren't just flying in the air at the same time; they were synchronized together in a swarm.

To make things even more difficult, not only were the drones in a swarm they were also synced with a live orchestra that played Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. As the orchestra plays the music, the drones in the air put on a light show that was in time to the music.

Intel doesn't give up much in the way of detail on how it coordinated the light show. What we do know is that the software used was developed by the chipmaker. The swarming control of the drones is very cool and looks a bit like a flock of birds.

The end of the performance with the drones landing again reminds me a lot of the old sci-fi classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The video below is definitely worth a watch.

SOURCE: Engadget