Intel Core i7-660UM 1.33GHz with 2.4GHz overclock tipped for Q3 2010

While we were hoping for a Core i7 style refresh to the MacBook Pro range today that never materialised, Intel's rumored plans for a new processor in the range do have us curious.  According to Fudzilla, Q3 2010 will see Intel launch the Core i7-660UM; while the specs might be moderate on the outside, with dual-cores and a 1.33GHz clock speed, the fact that it'll apparently comfortably overclock to 2.4GHz is the real kicker.

The chip will supposedly replace the Core i7-640UM, and be paired with 800MHz DDR3 memory and of course have onboard graphics support.  TDP is supposedly just 18W – when at 1.33GHz, of course – and the regular 166MHz graphics frequency can be cranked up to 500MHz.  The potential is for an ultraportable machine that can idle along quite nicely in a reasonably frugal manner, and then be flicked into a performance notebook through overclocking.