Intel Core i5-750, i7-860 and i7-870 coming September 6th?

Intel's first Core i5 processor, the mainstream model from their Nehalem platform, is expected to make its debut on September 6th, along with two new Core i7 chips.  According to sources in the Taiwan motherboard industry, Intel will begin shipping the Core i5-750, Core i7-860 and Core i7-870 from early September, with quadcore clock-speeds of 2.66GHz, 2.8GHz and 2.93GHz respectively.  They'll be joined in early 2010 by two energy saving versions, the Core i5-750s and Core i7-860s, running at 2.4GHz and 2.53GHz, but with 82W TDP rather than 95W.

The Core i5 CPUs will have the same 8MB L3 cache, VT-x virtual machines and LGA 1156 socket support as the Core i7, but lack the Hyper Threading technology that allows the Core i7 processors to effectively double their core-count to eight.  VT-d support is also missing, meaning virtual machines won't have access to the host's I/O.

However there is automatic overclocking where heat and power makes it possible, taking the i5-750 to 3.2GHz, the i7-860 to 3.46GHz and the i7-870 to 3.46GHz.  The three chips are expected to be priced at $196, $284 and $562 respectively, while the 's' low-TDP models, the i5-750s and i7-860s, will be $259 and $337 respectively.