Intel convinced Justin Long to stop being A Mac

Intel hired Justin Long to do a few video spot/commercials for their next-generation devices. They make the processors that power a whole bunch of Windows computers, so it's in their interest to make those computers look cool. To do that, they've involved Justin Long, the actor that previously worked with Apple in those commercials where one guy would say "I'm a Mac" and the other would say "I'm a PC."

The video spots released so far all start with the title "Justin Gets Real". They're all focusing on the idea that what's been shown in the past, via Apple, was sorta wrong. Justin Long, the actor, gets slightly more "real" by showing how a MacBook can't turn into a tablet, and that there's an iPad, and a keyboard for the iPad, and a separate stylus, and a dongle.

Next we have a "gamer" playing games on a laptop with an Intel Core processor inside. He's "doing all this gaming on a laptop" with an Intel Core processor inside. He's working with an Xbox Wireless Controller and a pair of Razer wireless headphones.*

*UPDATE: Actually the headphones are wired, but the wire isn't connected to the PC... so they're not actually connected to anything.

Justin inquires about comparing the experience to an Apple computer and the gamer says "Tch. No one really games on a Mac."

Another laptop comparison video suggests that the new MacBook computers are "gray and grayer".

Next there's a touchscreen comparison between an ASUS ZenBook (with two touchscreens) and a MacBook with a Touch Bar. This video also jabs at Siri with her "sorry I didn't catch that" feature.

Finally there's a Mac vs PC comparison with monitor connections. He suggests that with a PC, you can connect three monitors, and with a Mac, you can connect "just one."

It's important to note here that these sorts of video spots only just started now, after Apple stopped using Intel processors inside their newest round of computers. This must mean that Intel isn't expecting to be partners with Apple for computers again any time soon.