Intel Completes Purchase of Infineon

Intel has finished the purchasing process of Infineon's Wireless Business and that means problems for everyone making processor chips for mobile devices. The industry giant has so much clout that when it tells the rest of its competitors to jump, they reply with "how high?" Well, not really, but Intel does have enough power that when they make a move the rest of the industry follows its lead.

Intel wasn't always in this prestigious position as only a few years ago it was getting beaten handedly by chief competitor AMD. That is until Intel corrected its processor architecture to use less power and coupled that with its massive manufacturing capacity to relegate AMD to its lower status. The new competitor Intel now looks to have set its eyes on is British company ARM, leader in processor chips in mobile phones and tablets.

The problem Intel had was that it could produce chips that had the sufficient processing power and energy efficiency but they didn't have any experience in wireless radio technologies like GSM, UMTS, HSPA, and LTE. Intel's acquisition of Infineon solves this and allows them to offer manufacturers processors that will combine Intel's expertise in processing speed and power with wireless connectivity. Everyone get ready to hear Intel's "BUUUM bum-bum bum bum" for a long time.

[Via IntoMobile]