Intel Capella Next-Gen Notebook Platform Rumored For Q3 2009 Launch

Intel are preparing their next-generation notebook platform, named Capella, for a launch in Q3 2009, according to a DigiTimes report.  The chipset will see the integration of components currently handled by the northbridge into the CPU, with the remaining northbridge and southbridge setup replaced by a single integrated chipset that is currently codenamed Ibex Peak-M.

The news comes courtesy of "sources at notebook makers", who suggest that Capella will also support WiFi a/b/g/n or WiMAX via the Puma Peak or Kilmer Peak wireless modules respectively.  Ibex Peak-M will also be used in Intel's next generation mobile CPUs, Clarksfield and Auburndale, which have on-die DDR3 memory controllers and, in the case of Auburndale, an integrated graphics core.

Intel is also rumored to be planning to end supply of their single-core N270 Atom processors at the end of Q2 2009.  This would tally with a recent statement by ASUS president Jerry Shen, who claimed to be confident that shipments of the N270 would remain consistent throughout this timeframe.  ASUS plan to launch Eee PC notebooks using the dual-core Atom 330 before the end of the year; although unconfirmed by Intel themselves, this CPU could be the replacement to the N270.