Intel Canoe Lake and second ultra-thin netbook designs get video demos

While Intel's Canoe Lake notebook reference design has been drawing gasps by virtue of its super-skinny chassis, the company also brought along a second model to show the potential of their upcoming dual-core Atom CPUs.  NetbookNews grabbed some hands-on time with both at Computex this week, and shot a couple of videos which you can see after the cut.

Unlike the Canoe Lake model, the second ultra-thin unit doesn't apparently function; still, we're guessing there'd be no issues making a working version, since the chassis looks around the same dimensions as its 14mm-thick counterpart.  That would likely mean an Intel Atom N550 dual-core CPU, 10.1-inch 1280 x 1080 display and Windows 7.

Interestingly, Intel told Sascha from NetbookNews that the working Canoe Lake netbook doesn't use an SSD but in fact a regular hard-drive, presumably a 1.8-inch model.  Of course, we shouldn't expect to see either model on sale; these are just in-house designs that Intel are hoping will spur on some similarly skinny production versions from their manufacturing partners.

Intel ultra-thin netbook design:

Intel Canoe Lake reference design: