Intel axe WiMAX Program Office (and surprise the Taiwanese government)

Intel has apparently surprised its WiMAX partners by deciding to axe its WiMAX Program Office, prompting questions among the industry as to its commitment to technologies related to the 4G network standard.  According to DigiTimes, Intel failed to notify the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs – which it has a cooperation agreement and memorandum of understanding (MOU) with – in advance, a decision which has led to speculation that the government may decide to cooperate with ARM, AMD and others in future.

As expected, the Intel PR machine swung promptly into action, pointing out that WiMAX had developed to the point where they believed the Program Office was no longer necessary, and reiterating their commitment to the 4G technology:

"Intel continues to be one of the biggest supporters of WiMAX. WiMAX is our preferred 4G technology for delivering high-speed wireless broadband for data devices, and this organizational change in no way impacts our commitment to WiMAX." Intel

Intel will be redeploying staff from the WiMAX Program Office into their Mobile Wireless Group (MWG), PC Client Group (PCCG), and Sales and Marketing (SMG) unit.