Intel Atom tablet appeal waning despite Ballmer's push for Windows adoption

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may see a future where tablets running Windows are the status quo, but according to the latest talk from Taipei manufacturers are only considering Atom-based Windows slates to stay in favor with Intel.  DigiTimes' sources claim that despite Intel's aggressive promotion, notebook manufacturers are still looking to ARM-based tablets running Android rather an an Atom/Windows pairing; in fact, they've taken some persuading to even just create reference designs.

Intel has been pushing for engineering samples of Atom-based slates to demonstrate at IDF 2010 this coming September, but the likelihood of such models actually reaching shelves will be heavily dependent on market demand.  The underlying message seems to be that confidence isn't in either Atom in its current state or the upcoming Oak Trail platform, though Intel themselves say they're seeing "positive momentum" for their chips.

As for Ballmer, the outspoken exec confessed that Apple "sold certainly more [iPads] than I'd like them to have sold" during the Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting last week, but reiterated that he – and the company he leads – see Windows as their best approach for future devices.  The news has prompted criticism by those who see Windows in its current form as hopelessly unsuited to finger-input.