Intel announces PCIe 910 series SSDs

Intel has announced a new series of PCIe SSDs called the Intel SSD 910 Series. The PCIe SSD is offered in 400 GB and 800 GB capacities and is designed for post-deployment server storage upgrades without having to change anything with the server design. This SSD series uses Intel High Endurance Technology and optimized MLC NAND flash memory.

Intel says that the drives are durable enough to allow 10 full drive writes each day for five years. What is claimed to be a 30 times endurance improvement over SSDs using other types of MLC NAND. The drives are intended to be used in storage during and the caching of hot files for high-performance processing and mission-critical data access.

Intel says that 1910 SSD can replace multiple 15,000 RPM HDDs and save space and power consumption while increasing performance. The 910 series 800 GB drive is capable of 2GB/s sustained sequential reads and 1GB/s sequential writes. That drives good for up to 180k random read input output operations per second. The 400 GB SSD sells for $1929 and 800 GB version is $3859. Both carry a five-year limited warranty.