Intel and Samsung throw cash at Expect Labs' smart Siri alternative

Intel and Samsung have invested in a startup company by the name of Expect Labs, which offers an alternative to Siri and Google Now, but the only difference is that the software constantly monitors users' voices to deliver content in real-time, rather than delivering content on command like in Siri.

You've probably never heard of Expect Labs, but it's a company that you should definitely keep your eye on. Intel, Samsung, and Telefonica all have invested in the small startup, and they join the likes of Google who have invested in the company in the past. Specific dollar amounts have not been disclosed as of right now.

The marvel behind Expect Labs' Siri alternative is that the software constantly listens to and analyzes your conversations as they happen, and if it notices that you're asking a factual question to a friend (like, "what time does the White Sox game start?"), it'll pull up relevant information right at that moment without having to search for it.

Of course, it's surprising why big companies are eyeing this kind of technology. More and more companies are getting into voice control software, and if it could offer something as revolutionary as what Expect Labs is cooking up, it could change the way voice control works. Of course, privacy is a big concern here, especially when the software listens in to your conversations at all times. Nonetheless, Expect Labs is looking to expand its team, and they didn't go into detail as far as the future of the company, but it seems they have some big plans coming up.

[via TechCrunch]