Intel and MasterCard team on tap-to-pay Ultrabook shopping

Intel and MasterCard have announced that they have teamed up for tap to pay for Ultrabook users. The idea is to allow the user of an Ultrabook with a smartphone to tap for paying for online shopping purchases. The idea is to make online shopping safer and easier for consumers. The tech used for the system will include MasterCard PayPass and Intel IPT.

Together the two technologies allow the user to take advantage of a two-factor authentication process and hardware display protection. That helps protect from malware that might be out to steal credit card data. To be able to pay for online shopping purchases the user will need an Intel IPT enabled reader and then tap to pay will work.

It seems that the system would make checking out faster too since you wouldn't need to enter credit card details. Most card readers for the computer also encrypt that card data as soon as it is tapped so malware infected PCs would have no chance of stealing unencrypted card details.