Intel 80GB & 160GB Consumer SSDs For Imminent Announcement?

Intel are preparing to announce their latest SSD storage range at IDF next week, according to information acquired by Expreview.  The drives, made with partner Micron, will be consumer versions of that company's RealSSD range, which will be targeted at enterprise customers.

Intel's drives will be available both in 32GB and 64GB sizes, but also the more unusual 80GB and 160GB sizes.  Both 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch versions will be sold, with 240 MB/s read rates and 70-170 MB/s write rates.

Pricing for the drives is still unknown.  The 80GB drive is expected to be available sometime this quarter, while the 160GB version won't be released until Q1 2009.

[via TGDaily]