Intel 320GB SSD in Q4; new Turbo Memory & Havendale CPUs in 2010

Intel are planning on producing 320GB solid-state drives within a year, based on the success of the company's current SSD range.  The new drive was revealed in a note sent to Intel's customers, and is one of eight SSDs to be planned for Q4 2009.  The dramatic capacity increase will be enabled via a new, smaller production technology that allows more NAND flash to be packed into the same size enclosures.

The note also detailed a new version of Intel's Turbo Memory, which is used to improve system start-up times.  Codenamed Braidwood, up to 16GB of flash memory will be used as a cache to allow "better responsiveness and boot-up time".  It's potentially expected in early 2010.

Finally, Havendale - Intel's incorporation of graphics capabilities into a desktop CPU – has been delayed by a quarter, and is expected in Q1 2010.  Intel declined to comment on any of the rumors, stating that the company does not discuss communication with its customers or on its future plans until official announcement. 

[via Electronista]