Integra debuts 9-channel DTA-70.1 THX-Ultra2 home theater amplifier

Home theater enthusiasts will spend some big bucks on their hardware in an effort to get the best and most immersive sound possible. If you are a home theater fan that has been looking for an amplifier that supports new 9-channel sound Integra's new DTA-70.1 will do the trick.

The new amp has 9-channels supporting 7.1 surround sound that uses new height or stereo-wide channels for a more immersive 3D sound stage. The new amp offers 150-watts of power per channel and is claimed to be the first 9-channel high-power amp on the market.

The amp uses all analog discrete components and has a large power supply with professional style balance line inputs. Each of the channels has an identical symmetric circuit layout in a push-pull topology. The hardware inside the amp is hidden in an aluminum enclosure designed to resist resonances and last for years. Rear inputs include gold-plated XLR, machined solid brass RCA inputs, and color-coded gold-plated banana binding posts for speaker wire. The amp is available now for $1,800.