Intech TEMPO - Backup for your trash bin

Right now its just a concept, which looks amazing, and the suggested feature list is equally amazing. However if I had to guess, if anything like this were to ever actually be produced, it would probably have to lose one or two of the really cool features just to make it affordable.

So now you are probably wondering what it does and what these really cool features are right? It is a Bluetooth-powered, 250GB, external recycle bin that backs up all the files you delete. The feature I am willing to bet would get the axe first, the seemingly millions of LED's on the side that display how full the drive is.

The designer, Franco Cagnina is a genius, because like I said it is a great idea both in appearance and functionality. Oh yeah, did I mention it's shaped like an actual recycling bin with the whole recycle logo on the side?

Digital recycle bin saves deleted files [via technabob]