InstyMeds - Drug ATM

It's my opinion that today's society is heavily over-medicated. We have eight different pills for the same aches and pains, it's just getting ridiculous. Prescriptions, however, are in high demand and unfortunately we're experiencing a shortage of pharmacists.

Like any other job, though, when we're shorted handed we build a machine! The InstyMed is Ken Rosenblum's solution to our pharmacy problems. It's designed much like an ATM machine. Using a special barcoded prescription (the doctor can make via computer) the machine will read, fill and custom label each order. The downside is that one machine can only hold 100 different kinds of pills, but 80% of those are the most prescribed by doctors.

I'm not clear on how serious this idea is. What I do know is that these are going to be highly targeted crime machines and I'm wondering what kind of guard/protection will be set up in places that would have one.

InstyMed is like an ATM for Pharmaceuticals [via OhGizmo!]