Instructables Sends Out Free and Ad-Free Hackaday Edition E-Book

So it seems that the owner of Instructables, a totally awesome site that tells you how to basically do ANYTHING, has sent a letter to Hackaday, another awesome site that sometimes links to Instructables. In this letter was an EPUB, and inside this electronic booklet is a selection of the 24 most popular Instructables mentioned on Hackaday during the last quarter of 2010. Why is this extra awesome and super fun? Because it's totally complete and totally ad-free!

The complete and ad-free thing is super neat because if you want to view an entire Instructables instruction page you've normally got to sign up and there's an abundance of ads surrounding you, pummeling you in the face! This completely free publication is ready to go with only the essentials. This EPUB file (which you can download [here]), can be opened with a Mozilla Add on for your browser if you like, or you can download something like a NOOK app for any number of devices, or you can load it straight to the E-Reader of your choice. Now get to creating!

[Via Hackaday]