Instapaper now available for Android

Instapaper has been around for a while for the iPhone user and has turned out to be a popular application. The app allows you to save web pages for offline reading when you don't have access to a data or Wi-Fi connection. You can also download your favorite web pages at home using your Wi-Fi connection and then save your data allotment by reading off-line on the go.

The developer of Instapaper was content to develop for iOS alone, so it seemed Android users would never get the app for their devices. While the original developer of the iOS app has stuck to the Apple operating system alone, the development duties for the Android version of the application were farmed out. The app is now available on Google Play.

The app saves pages as text only and strips away the page layout to optimize reading for tablet and smartphone screens. All content downloaded is available off-line and the app offers adjustable fonts, text size, line spacing, and margins. The app also has a high-contrast mode for nighttime reading and will change between nighttime mode and day mode depending on the time. The app supports the download of up to 500 articles directly, and unlimited articles can be stored on the Instapaper website. The app is available now for $2.99.

[via Android Community]