Instapaper for Android now available

The developer of the iOS app Instapaper has long said that he's only focused on providing a killer iOS experience and didn't have the time to be working on additional platforms. Development for an Android Instapaper app was contracted out though, and the final product is available to download today for $2.99. As you'd expect, it features a simple UI for reading your saved webpages offline, although some critical features appear to be missing.

Upon opening the app you'll be met with three options: Read Later, Liked, and Archive links. Each does as you would expect, and as you click through you're presented with saved articles in a stripped down format. Most options you would expect are there, including a light/dark mode, brightness adjustment, and font spacing/size. A sepia mode is missing, however, as is full screen reading: UI elements are always present on screen.

A plethora of sharing options are also available, allowing you to beam articles over email, Facebook, Twitter, and a whole host of other services. The app will work just fine on Android handsets running 2.2 and up, and is said to work smoothly on multiple tablets as well. If you're itching to get your Instapaper fix, head over to the Play Store and get downloading.

[via The Verge]