Instagram's latest live streaming feature ensures viewers show up

Instagram is making its live-streaming platform a bit more useful for creators and others who prefer to present their content to a live audience. The company has introduced a new feature called Live Scheduling that is, as you'd expect, a new scheduling tool for setting up a live broadcast ahead of time. Among other things, it'll help ensure viewers know when to tune in.

The new Live Scheduling feature was announced on the official Instagram Twitter account. Put simply, this new feature allows users to schedule their planned live streams up to 90 days ahead of time. Followers can then set reminders so that they get an alert when the live stream arrives.

The feature is simple and helps users ensure they get their broadcasts set up properly ahead of when they plan to make it live. The Live Scheduling feature is simple to use; creators merely add a title, then set a start time and tap "schedule live video." Followers, meanwhile, will see a different prompt.

Instagram will show the title of the upcoming broadcast, as well as its date and time. Assuming the user taps "Remind me," Instagram will send them an in-app alert the day before the live stream is scheduled, as well as 15 minutes ahead of when it will start on the premiere day.

In addition to the Live Scheduling feature, Instagram also plans to roll out a new Practice Mode that creators can use to join their own live streams before they start to see how the broadcast appears to their followers. This can, for example, be used to make sure their lighting setup appears correct before starting.