Instagram users can finally create posts with desktop web browsers

For the average user, snapping a picture with their phone and then uploading it on Instagram using the platform's mobile app is the most convenient sharing method. Instagram is more than just a casual social media platform, however, instead offering artists, brands, and companies the opportunity to share their work with others. In these cases, being restricted to mobile uploads is far more inconvenient.

Instagram has been positioning itself as a platform for creators and brands, which makes it particularly frustrating that it took this long to roll out desktop uploads. Until now, users who captured their Instagram content using a dedicated camera would need to upload the content to their computer, edit it, then transfer it to their phone using a cloud service or flash drive in order to upload it on Instagram.

In May, signs appeared hinting at a then-upcoming feature that would enable Instagram users to post content directly from their laptop or desktop using a web browser. That feature is now live for many users who will now see the notification below when they sign into Instagram on desktop.

When the user clicks the upload button on the desktop interface, they'll be taken to a screen where they can drag-and-drop or manually upload images to post. The interface supports choosing an image aspect ratio, selecting an image filter, and editing the image using the familiar slider tools for brightness, contrast, color saturation, and more.

Likewise, the interface includes the familiar Compose screen with a field for adding a caption, the option to toggle off comments, add accessibility details, and add a location if desired. Though nothing has changed in the uploading process, this new feature is a big deal for many users.

The new upload option should make things much easier for creators, small businesses, brands and others who need to share more polished, professional images than the casual user. It's unclear how many Instagram users presently have access to the new feature, but it appears to be rolling out widely.