Instagram teases their new messaging app 'Bolt'

As if they haven't had enough scorn from their Slingshot app, Facebook is toying with messaging again. This time, it comes via Instagram, where some users are seeing an invitation to try something called Bolt. It's messaging, and it's photo-centric. Ring a bell?

Though it's not yet clear just what Bolt really is, a collective groan went out when screenshots of the invitation leaked. Like Slingshot, the invitation is vaporous, disappearing as quickly as it arrived. One user told The Verge that Bolt's banner-ad invite went away in about 15 minutes. It's oddly reminiscent of Slingshot, which "accidentally" leaked, letting a select few in.

What does Bolt do? All we ca glean from the invitation is that it's a "one tap photo messaging" platform, and falls under the Instagram banner. The invitation lead the users reporting on it — both on Android — to a dead-end Play Store link. It's not clear if Facebook/Instagram are simply teasing the product, or if it's meant for a select few and the banner ad manifested widely.

Like iPhone 6 leaks, a new messaging app seems to roll out weekly. This would also mimic Facebook in the "social app that runs a messaging platform" arena. As popular as Instagram is, it's not clear that the world can withstand another messaging app.

Via: The Verge