Instagram Stories arrive on desktop, mobile web uploading inbound

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 31, 2017, 3:38pm CDT
Instagram Stories arrive on desktop, mobile web uploading inbound

Following news that Facebook is testing Stories on its desktop product, Instagram has taken the plunge and launched its own Stories feature for desktop users, removing its mobile limitation. In addition, Instagram will soon allow its users to upload content to their accounts using mobile web instead of the app, though desktop users won’t get that ability.

Instagram Stories encompass the user content found by tapping their round profile bubble located at the top of the Instagram app. This bubble appears when the user is sharing content in their day’s story, allowing users to swipe back and forth through it. This content doesn’t appear in the feed, eliminating the concern about over-posting while making it possible to share a lot more on the platform.

Until now, you had to be using the mobile app to access these stories, but Instagram has changed that. Starting today and rolling out to users around the world, Instagram is introducing Stories on its desktop website; you can now use your computer’s browser and cursor to click your way through someone’s story.

In addition, Instagram recently confirmed to The Verge that it plans to roll out mobile web uploading for mobile users, meaning they can use their tablet or phone’s browser to upload videos and pictures instead of the app. This feature won’t be arriving for a few months, though, and it won’t be available for desktop users.

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