Instagram Shopping adds three big features for the holidays

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 16, 2018, 6:48pm CST
Instagram Shopping adds three big features for the holidays

Instagram has launched new features for the holiday season, including the ability to save a shopping collection, shop for goods through business profiles, and shop from feed videos. This is the latest expansion to Instagram’s Shopping platform, which brings e-commerce to the traditionally photo-centric platform.

The first of the new features — the ability to save to collections — enables users to save an item they find interesting for faster access to it in the future. Users will see a new Save icon after tapping on a product tag located within a Feed or Story, according to the company. Users are able to access their shopping collection from their Instagram profile.

As well, Instagram says it is now testing a redesigned Shop tab for business profiles. This redesign enables users to rapidly view all of the products the company has featured in its various posts. Users will see a Shop button when visiting these profiles once the new features roll out.

Users are also getting the ability to shop within videos shared on the platform. Instagram explains that brands can present goods that are featured in a video, such as an outfit, enabling viewers to see the items and info related to them, such as price. Users can reveal these products by tapping the shopping icon while viewing a video.

This marks the latest expansion of Instagram’s e-commerce platform, something it has been rapidly growing over past months. Back in September, the company introduced product stickers within its Stories feature to enable viewers to purchase items they see within a brand’s Story, for example.

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