Instagram reportedly says no to native Blackberry 10 app

Blackberry, ever confident in its Blackberry 10 platform, threw a lot of effort into ensuring that consumers would have access to a variety of apps, including the staples everyone wants such as Facebook and Twitter. One highly popular app is still missing, however – Instagram. According to sources, the company isn't planning on making a native Blackberry 10 app.

This information was given to the folks over at AllThingsD by sources who are said to be close to Instagram. While one source said there was a possibility – "There will be no Instagram for BB10 for now." – they also said they weren't sure there would ever be a native app. Fortunately, however, Instagram lovers who want to embrace the BB10 platform won't be entirely out of luck.

It has been reported for awhile now that Instagram for Android is being actively ported for Blackberry 10, meaning that those desperate enough for it will have an option. As we have seen with many ported apps, however, it'll likely be an inferior product when compared to the native versions running on other mobile OSs. The app won't be optimized for BB10.

Instagram hasn't said why it won't be making a native app for Blackberry 10, though one can speculate that it's due to the effort/reward ratio in doing so. BB10's userbase is substantially smaller than Android and iOS, and Instagram's team isn't the largest out there. When asked about it, Blackberry stated that it is "actively engaged around Instagram support for BB10." What do you say? Is lack of a native Instagram app something that would prevent you from adopting the BB10 platform? Let us know in the comments.

[via AllThingsD]